Saturday, November 14, 2015

On Making Money Via Internet

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert - I am not a Guru - I am still trying to find my way on the internet.

There are many ways to earn money via the internet.  Some of them are easy and some of them not so easy.  Some of them are honest and some of them not so honest.

One of the easiest ways to earn a few dollars is by joining PTC sites.  Unfortunately many of them don't last very long and even when they do, it is difficult to earn very much money..

I don't remember how many PTC sites I joined and clicked on before I found one I consider the best and most honest.
CLIXSENSE.  This Year To Date I am averaging Approximately $9.00 per week with ClixSense.  Not  going to make me a million dollars but it gives me enough to investigate other opportunities.

NOTE:   ClixSense recently discontinued accepting/paying PayPal - Since I have previously had issues with Payza - I decided to start collecting my earnings via direct Check.

Following is a copy of my first direct check covering about 2 1/2 months.

Join Me by Clicking Here

Daily Check List Bonus

Join Me by Clicking Here

Account Type:  Standard    Premium  
Daily Checklist Bonus5.0%12.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹1.0%2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ²1.0%2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus7.0%16.0%

¹ ClixAddon Extra Bonus: Complete the checklist and run the ClixAddon for at least one hour in a given day to earn this extra bonus. Important: Survey notifications must be enabled under options.
² Activity Extra Bonus: By completing the checklist three days in a row you will earn this extra bonus on the third day, for that day's earnings, and every other day thereafter given that you complete the checklist continuously. If you fail to complete the checklist in a given day the bonus will reset. Take the following table as an example:
Day #12345678
Was the checklist completed?  
Activity bonus awarded?